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Get the Facts About Your Next Car Lease

To lease or not to lease is not always an easy decision to make. Much will depend on why you chose to lease in the first place. Some people simply see leasing as a convenience and a way to enjoy a new vehicle every two or three years. Other people choose to buy their vehicle. They like the idea of ownership. We’re eager to set you up for leasing success at David McDavid Plano Lincoln!

Some choose not to lease again. The thought of being able to change or upgrade their vehicle is an appealing thought. They like the…

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Tis the Season for Family Gatherings & Good Fuel Economy


The winter months have officially arrived and our beautiful summer days have flown by! Who is excited about the Thanksgiving holiday? Well one thing we are not excited about is the ever-changing weather. Believe it or not, cold weather can affect your luxury Lincoln vehicle in many ways, especially when it is used to operating in warmer temperatures. 

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Oil Changes and Other Fluid Services that Keep Your Car Healthy

Oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. What do these all have in common? They all need to be replaced regularly for the health and safety of your vehicle. Most of you know how often to get your oil changed. For many modern cars, you’ll visit a service technician about every 3,000 miles. But what about the rest of the fluids?

Regular maintenance is just as important for these as it is for an oil change.

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Take the Wheel and Help Us Raise $8,000 for “My Possibilities”

Help Us Raise $8,000 for “My Possibilities”

Over the past few years, Lincoln dealerships across the country have partnered with The Lincoln Motor Company to support the “Driven to Give” program, a test-drive event designed to help raise much needed funding for local community groups. To date, Lincoln dealerships and local communities have helped raise more than $7 million for educational and charitable organizations thanks to their hard work and partnership with the “Driven…
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New Lincoln Experience Center Opens in DFW

The Lincoln brand has continued to work hard to offer unique products and experiences to its discerning customers, who prefer the finer things in life from automobiles and gadgets to high-end apparel. It wasn’t long after the launch of the much anticipated Service Valet Program, in which Lincoln offers complimentary pickup and delivery for service appointments, when the brand decided to open its doors to a new “Lincoln Experience Center.” It is currently located…

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