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Breathe Easier With a Cabin Air Filter Replacement

If you're like most drivers, your engine and cabin air filters are an afterthought. However, as these filters degrade, so can their performance. Schedule an appointment with our Lincoln service center in Plano, TX today to keep your car in top shape with new, clean air filters.

The engine air filter has a crucial role in delivering power to the engine by letting air through but keeping contaminants out. The cabin air filter serves a similar purpose; it keeps smog, dust, dirt, and pollutants out of the car's AC system and the vehicle's interior. 

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Discover the Performance of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator

When you are driving through Plano, Texas and you want to be behind the wheel of a vehicle that is a combination of power and luxury, then you are going to want to be behind the wheel of the Lincoln Navigator.

If you are wanting to have that combination of power and luxury, as well as the most recent edition of the vehicle, you are going to want to get the 2018 Navigator. One of the captivating things about this version of the long-running luxury SUV line is the implementation of Lincoln Drive Modes. 

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When Should You Change Your Oil?

When you got your first car, your parents likely gave you sound advice about how to care for your vehicle. One of the things that you may have heard is that you need to get the oil changed on your car every 3,000 miles. However, this may not be entirely true anymore.

This myth used to have a little more truth to it since the way that automobiles were manufactured in the past required an oil change once the cars had been driven for but 3,000 miles. However, since the technology associated with manufacturing cars has advanced significantly…

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It's Never Too Late to Learn About All-Wheel and 4-Wheel Drive

Sometimes you can get to a point in your life where you feel like it's too late to learn new things about your vehicle, and really - it's never too late! Your vehicle gets you from place to place, day in and day out. It may seem complicated, but once explained - it's simple and well worth the knowledge.

An easy way to begin learning about your car is learning the simple difference between all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. They both want to do the same thing: help you navigate your vehicle where it might otherwise be difficult to…

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Car Fluid Maintenance

There may be many people who would like to see their car in good condition, with comfortable rides, and free of unnecessary breakdowns. It is therefore advisable to check, change, and replenish your car fluid regularly to help avoid costly repair expenses...

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In Need of Headlight Maintenance or Repair?

Headlights in many of vehicles today possess distinguishing features. Of course, you may know that they’re there for more than just looks. One of their purposes is to provide illumination for night driving. So, it’s critical that your headlights are always in top working order. Headlight repair is relatively simple unless they’re dislocated from bumps or damaged in some way. Keep your headlights up-to-speed by doing the following...

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