Don't Ignore a Hot Engine

An overheating engine can be due to a number of problems with your vehicle. There may be a leak in your cooling system, or the fan on the radiator can be broken. No matter what the issue is, an overheating engine should not be ignored.

Bring your car to David McDavid Plano Lincoln and talk with a technician in the service center. The technician will look your car over carefully and identify the cause of the engine heating. A leak in a hose of the cooling system is a common problem when your car overheats.

An engine oil leak can also lead to an engine that runs too hot. Check the level of engine oil and add oil if it's low to see if this helps the problem. In addition, check your coolant levels to see if they are optimal. If your engine continues to run hot, bring your car in to our service center for service.

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