Reading Your Tire Wall Markings

Have you ever looked at your tire and thought, "What do all those letters and numbers actually stand for?" Those tire wall markings actually tell you everything you need to know about your tire, from brand to size!

Here's an example: P235/50 R18

The "P" tells you the tire class. In this case, it's a passenger class tire. If it said "LT," it would mean light truck class. Next, the "235" is the measured width of the tire, in millimeters. This tire is 235 millimeters wide.

You'll see the aspect ratio following the width. It shows the height of the sidewall as a percentage to the width. Here, the height is 50% of the width. "R18" combines the construction and the diameter of the wheel. This tire is a radial construction and will fit a wheel that is 18 inches in diameter.

Use this information to determine what size of tires you need for your vehicle. Then, visit our service center at David McDavid’s Plano Lincoln, and we can help you determine the best type of tire for your needs!

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