A Bird's-Eye View in the 2018 Lincoln Continental

Whether you're driving through narrow streets in Plano or you're having trouble getting out of a tight parking spot, the 2018 Lincoln Continental has the technology to help. This popular luxury car utilizes advanced cameras to create a detailed view of your surroundings.

The Continental is available with a 360-degree camera system. Small cameras are built into the body of the car. When initiated, the images from those cameras are all stitched together to create a top-down view of the car. You'll be able to see every obstacle around the vehicle so that you can navigate safely. There's also a 180-degree camera in the front grille. It can help you see around corners or provide further assistance when you're trying to make it through cross-traffic situations.

See these camera systems for yourself by visiting us at David McDavid Plano Lincoln today. We'll show you how they work and let you take the 2018 Lincoln Continental for a test spin.

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