See the Future at David McDavid Plano Lincoln Today with Apple CarPlay

Everything’s getting smarter – smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars. One thing that’s never going to be smart, though, is distracted driving. So many accidents in Plano come from people messing with their phones when their eyes should be on the road.

This is why lead engineers are integrating new, intelligent systems into modern vehicles. Apple CarPlay is one such example. Integrating the latest iOS features, this onboard system integrates and links up with your iPhone and brings your favorite apps and features into a hands-free and safe new interface.

Many CarPlay-enabled vehicles offer in-reach controls with buttons on the wheel, as well as the beloved voice-recognition features of Siri. This enables control of all your favorite iPhone apps from maps and GPS to calls, YouTube and digital radio (Pandora, Spotify, NPR and more).

Complete with a large, easy at-a-glance dash display system, full control of all your Apple features has never been safer while on the road. Is it perfect? Well no, but it’s darn sure going to make the roads a safer place.

Come visit us here at David McDavid Plano Lincoln today for a demonstration of this and similar technology for Android devices in leading vehicle models.

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